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Don’t think you’re a runner? We’re here to prove you wrong. At RunIndiaRun, we believe that ‘Anyone Can Run A Marathon’. SO what are you waiting for? Set your goals and we will help you get there. Marathon Training in Mumbai

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Bonding between coach and runner and friendship amongst the group members is what sets us apart from others. Come, experience the same at all of our training centers.

Change Your life

We have changed the lives of thousands of people. Join our Marathon Training Program and change yours today!

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Marathon Training

RunIndiaRun has trained more than three thousand people who have successfully ran Marathons at national and international level. RunIndiaRun has 16 Marathon Training Centers in Mumbai.

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Fitness Training

Under the initiative of Senior Citizen Fitness Program launched by one of the communities in Mumbai, RunIndiaRun trained more than 800 senior citizens across 19 centers in Mumbai. 

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Marathon Management

RunIndiaRun provides End-To-End solution for organizing a Marathon Event. Apart from the past 4 seasons of its own proprietary event 10k Challenge. RunIndiaRun has also organized running 

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Motivational Wellness Talks

Mr Samson Sequeira, an international level long distance runner and chief coach at RunIndiaRun is not only a fantastic coach, but also a great speaker who conveys his passion towards running in words

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Success Stories

Its been the most awesome experience training with Run India Run. This is my first marathon at age 46 and its been a perfect approach to building up my every muscle which has helped immensely in running the Marathon. Thanks to all the coaches, especially Shankar Sir of Ghatkopar Branch.. it was only cause of his training that I completed my First run of 21Km at Goa Marathon in a record time of 2 hrs 13 mins. Glad to be associated with Run India Run.
Ravi Bhavnani
The experience with Run India Run is simply great. Samson Sir and all other coaches are very cordial and are always ready to help. The various tips regarding running, diet and stretching given by them helps building your stamina, endurance and most importantly the mental strength. The runners from different centres are also very friendly and it really gives lot of pleasure and fun to participate in the practice sessions with this group
Prasad Mahatme
Have joined RIR at Juhu for training for the half marathon. Have had a fabulous workout regime under the guidance of Samson Sir and even though running was not my passion I have been able to run about 13-15 kms currently. I am sure that I would complete the half marathon within 3 hours after the training here. More than that the after run workouts has been excellent and there is no doubt that my flexibility has far improved. At my age of 57 it has done wonders and what is important to note that there has been no injuries and constant advice from Samson Sir has really given the confidence.
Ramesh Sethu
Feeling terribly unfit after my pregnancy, I decided to attend the orientation program organized by Run India Run. Believe me, it’s been a life changing experience so far! I was never a sports person and had never imagined even walking 5 kms. Months of training has changed all that. I feel fitter and definitely happier 🙂 3 cheers for our Run India Run Group at R City and our wonderful coach for bearing with us! 🙂
Run India Run has been a life changing experience on many fronts…The coaches are professionals with a touch of friendliness…the training is rigorous and fun…I am addicted to Run India Run…I have got some of the most valuable experience in terms of friendships through Run India Run which is priceless. Three cheers to Run india Run…
Deven Shah
True to its name, it really makes us Run… With an Excellent National Level Head Coach Samson Sequeira and our own center coach Shankar Sir (who stood 350 out of the first 1000 runners in SCMM), we are having the best of fitness and best utilization of our mornings. With great enthusiasm we look forward to our training in the morning…
Alpana Dewasthalee

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